Installing Custom Fonts in PowerPoint



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  • Laran Maise

    Hey there, Fatima Sbeih! Thanks for sharing this treasured information about putting in custom fonts in PowerPoint. Fonts can sincerely make or break a presentation, and having the capacity to use custom fonts can increase the design.

    Your instructions are clear and concise, making it effortless for both Windows and Mac customers to follow. I've had my fair share of font set up challenges, so I appreciate your insights.

    One additional tip I'd like to offer, especially for Windows users, is to make sure the font files aren't in a compressed folder (like a zip file) when you try to install them. Sometimes, people forget to extract the font files first, and that can lead to confusion. You can read more like this here:

    As for my experience, I've often found that restarting PowerPoint is a crucial step that many overlook. It can be frustrating when the newly installed font doesn't appear right away, but a quick restart does the trick...

    Great job, thank you

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