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  • Deb Colitas

    On a Macbook I had to plug in a mouse to reach the option to link. Is there any way that it autofills what is highlighted in the link box? It was a pain to not be able to copy and paste links and have to type them in. More risk in a mistake/typo.

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  • Ben Lachman

    How can I change the link highlight color (light blue)? Light blue looks really bad with some of your themes.

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  • Daniel MacLachlan

    I can't seem to find a way to hyperlink an image or a shape-only text, is there a way to hyperlink images? Also, how can I change the link highlight color (light blue)?

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  • Ravi Ayyala

    How to change link colour? Changing link text colour removes the URL. Could you please fix? Thanks

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