Can I export my notes?




  • whipminute

    I recently finished a deck for a presentation and thought I could use the same audio track for the entire thing since there was a button to add music to a single slide. What a waste of a day I just had! Very disheartened can not even begin to describe how I feel. If this feature isn't added soon, I'll have to find a new provider. phrazle

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  • Stacie Anne Ruth

    I felt the same way!  If I had known that the audio couldn't be exported, I wouldn't have wasted time recording each slide.   This is a horrible feature and false advertising!  Additionally, they should provide subtitles as PowerPoint does and offer more exporting features.   This is a waste of money; I will not continue paying for this product if these are not resolved.  I will spread the word that this is not what it seems!  Also, the customer service is extremely slow!  I am not satisfied with Beautiful AI.   ~ Angry Customer

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