How can I add/remove a page number?




  • Deborah Mundorff

    Can I add a footer to only one slide?

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  • Fatima

    Hi Deborah! 

    Thank you for reaching out. You can turn your logo on/off slide-by-slide by clicking Slide Layout and then either selecting or deselecting Footer: 

    If your footer is on every single slide, click on Edit Theme>Footer>Visible and set it to "OFF BY DEFAULT" then click Apply Changes To Presentation to save your changes. 


    If you run into anything else, feel free to reach out to our support team directly at 




    Customer Success Manager

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  • Zoya Shah

    How can I add/remove a page number? Avoid relying on printed notepads for notes and utilize document editing software. Access header/footer options and select "Insert Page Number" to add. To remove, navigate to the same menu and choose "Remove Page Numbers" or adjust settings to omit from specific pages. Customize numbering formats, styles, and positioning as needed. Ensure consistency across document sections for clarity and professionalism in your presentations or reports.

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